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Smeg WD1160D

Freestanding / Built In
Brand: Smeg-Instruments
Product Code: WD1160D
Featured Property: Freestanding / Built In
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Smeg WD1160D

Higher power, shorter cycles

3 Phase power, EN15883 approved

The Smeg WD1160D Advantage

The WD1160D thermal disinfection washer offers high quality steel, large capacity and state of the art technology. The WD1160D represent the new generation of thermal disinfection washers. The technology used is considered a point of reference in the washing and disinfecting machine sector. In terms of performance, reliability, productivity and safety, it is the best that the market has to offer.

Flexibility & Versatility for your Dental Practice

The WD1160D is your answer if you need a Dental Instrument Washer, Dental Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher, Surgical Shoe Washer or Baby Bottle Washer.

Wide range of applications

The Smeg's Washer Disinfector range is flexible and versatile. Disinfect dental and surgical instruments, surgical shoes, baby bottles and even CPAP masks with ease. With a growing importance for critical and non-critical medical device decontemination, the Smeg Thermal Disinfector range is a necessity for any medical environment.

Dual Water Pumps

With dual water pumps (cold and demineralized), the internal wash chamber temperature reaches up to 95 C with precision at 0.1 C. A crucial advantage of thermal disinfection washers is the ability to repeat instrument treatment under the same conditions in terms of performance and safety while, at the same time, preventing the possibility of errors occurring during disinfection cycles.