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Smeg WD4060D

Integrated Hot Air Dryer
Brand: Smeg-Instruments
Product Code: WD4060D
Featured Property: Integrated Hot Air Dryer
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Smeg WD4060D

Includes trolleys

Built-in water softener and condenser

The Smeg WD4060D Advantage

The new Smeg thermal disinfector WD4060 comes with a new look LCD display and soft touch keys for a stylish finish. It offers a cost effective solution to thermal disinfection without compromising on performance, reliability, and full safety.

Performance & Reliability

All Smeg products are created with quality materials and the best components available. The Smeg WD4060 is no exception. It's the attention to detail and quality materials used throughout every step in the manufacturing process which ensures a long working life and high performance.

Customizable Programs

Numerous thermal disinfection applications exist in the dental and medical sector, all of which involve different cleaning procedures. Due to this need for flexibility and versatility, the WD4060 offers customizable programs that are user controlled for the best results every time.