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Thermoshield NR

No Neutraliser Required

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Brand: Dr Schumacher
Product Code: ShieldNR
Featured Property: No Neutraliser Required
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Thermoshield NR

No neutraliser needed; pH-Neutral;biodegradable;highly concentrated;effective at 93 C; suitable for all automated washer disinfectors

Thermoshield® NR is a pH-neutral instrument cleaner for cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments and medical devices in all types of automated washing machines. Due to its enzyme-free formulation Thermoton® NR is also suitable for chemo-thermal disinfection and cleaning at 93°C. The neutral pH-value ensures careful and gentle cleaning. Moreover, additional rinsing for neutralisation is not necessary in contrast to all alkaline cleaners. The saving of the neutraliser, the very low use concentration and the fact that the product is biologically degradable highlight Thermoton® NR 's ecological credentials:

  • pH-neutral and biologically degradable
  • extremely cost-effective, also not requiring an additional acidic rinse agent which alkaline detergents require
  • very concentrated, so the user concentration needed is very low
  • used in many critical medical and healthcare disinfection applications; including highly sensitive MIC-instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, operating theatre shoes, general surgical instruments, anaesthetic devices and dental instruments
  • suitable for all types of automated washing machines and very gentle on materials
  • packaged in a 5 litre canister suitable for automatic dosing