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neodisher N, 1 x 5 L

Acidic Neutraliser

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Brand: neodisher
Product Code: ICNLN/2
Featured Property: Acidic Neutraliser
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neodisher N, 1 x 5 L

Acidic cleaning and neutralising agent.

  • Liquid concentrate, free of surfactants. Leaves no inhibitory residues. Based on phosphoric acid.

Main Field of Application

  • Neutralization of alkaline residues when automatically cleaning stainless steel instruments and utensils, or laboratory glassware as well as automated acidic pre-cleaning/cleaning of laboratory glassware.
  • neodisher® N removes discolorations, lime and other acid-soluble residues. It can easily be rinsed off.


  • For neutralization when cleaning instruments automatically, use 0.1-0.2% or 1-2 ml/l.
  • For acid pre-cleaning/cleaning when cleaning laboratory glassware automatically, use 0.2-0.4% or 2-4 ml/l at 40 – 60 °C.
  • For avoiding water stains the use of deionized water in the final rinse is recommended.

Test Marks

  • neodisher® N conforms to the European directive 93/42/EC, Annex I, concerning medical devices.