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neodisher Z, 1 x 5 L

Phosphate Free

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Brand: neodisher
Product Code: ICNLZ/3
Featured Property: Phosphate Free
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neodisher Z, 1 x 5 L

Acidic neutraliser

  • Acidic neutralization agent and detergent; liquid concentrate. Free of surfactants or phosphates. Based on organic acids.

Main Field of Application

  • Neutralization of alkaline residues when automatically cleaning stainless steel instruments, utensils, or laboratory glassware as well as acidic pre-cleaning of laboratory glassware.

Product Features

  • neodisher® Z is highly recommendable as a neutralizing agent for the automated reprocessing of laboratory glassware for sensitive water examinations and in laboratories in the phosphate industry as well as for the automated reprocessing of medical utensils in hospitals.
  • Generally neodisher® Z can be used as a neutralizing agent wherever residues of phosphates, phosphoric acid, nitrogen containing compositions and surfactants interfere with the subsequent analytic examinations and wherever a special gentleness on material is necessary.
  • Also for removing acid-soluble residues in laboratories where residues of phosphates, nitrogen and surfactants would adulterate sensitive analyses.
  • no inhibitory residues according to inhibitory residue analysis (see downloads).


  • For neutralization: 0.1 - 0.2% or 1 - 2 ml/l.
  • For pre-cleaning/cleaning: 0.2 – 0.5 % or 2 – 5 ml/l at 40 – 60 °C
  • For avoiding water stains the use of deionized water in the final rinse is recommended.

Test Marks

  • neodisher® Z conforms to the European directive 93/42/EC, Annex I concerning medical devices.