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Thermoton Clear Rinsing Agent
Clear mildly acidic liquid rinsing agent with neutralizing properties. Can be used for rinsing and clear rinsing after cleaning and disinfection, as well as neutralizing after using alkaline cleaners. Based on citric acid High material compatibility Spotless drying of all materials Non-foaming Corrosion inhibitor Phosphate-free Formaldehyde-free QAC-free packaged in a 5 litre canister suitable for automatic dosing Chlorine-
Thermoton N Acidic Neutraliser
Thermoton® N is a liquid, acidic neutralizer for use in automated cleaning and disinfection machines. It is added to the first rinsing water after the use of alkaline cleaners. Thermoton® N is based on phosphoric acid and is completely tenside-free. For neutralisation as part of automated cleaning and disinfection. Key Features Miele Certified | Neutraliser | Acidic Application Oper