Descosept AF Wipes Carton of 12 tubs of 120

Alcohol Wipes

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Brand: Dr Schumacher
Featured Property: Alcohol Wipes
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Descosept AF Wipes Carton of 12 tubs of 120

Ready to use alcohol based wipes. Can be used as a surface disinfectant in all areas where a rapid disinfection is required. Suitable for: 
- dental and medical practices, where a rapid disinfection is required (e.g. disinfection of treatment chairs)
- for ophthalmologists and opticians to prevent viral infections
- rapid disinfection of equipment in the operating theatre, incl. the operating table between operations 
- bedsteads
- ambulances and garbage cans 
- general inventory like trays, trolleys and baskets for transport of e.g. bandaging material, bath-tubs, examination couches, toilet seats 
- clothing such as overalls, shoes used in the operating theatre, rubber aprons 

The disinfectant solution Descosept AF is: 
- bactericidal (incl. MRSA) 
- tuberculocidal 
- yeasticidal 
- virus inactivating incl. HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV/Rota-/Adeno-/ Vaccinia-/Noro viruses