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Overhead Laboratory Stirrers

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Brand: CAT
Product Code: CAT R50/R18-Series
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Overhead Laboratory Stirrers

Overhead Stirrer R50, R50D and R18

ModelNo.: 230VNo.: 115VVolumeSpeedTorque
R 5060215-0060215-01100l50-160050 Ncm
R 50D60216-0060216-01100l50-160050 Ncm
R 1860214-0060214-0150l100-200018 Ncm

R 50: Laborstirrer for lab use (50 Ncm) adjustable 10.5 mm chuck, 120 Watt input, electronic feedback speed control, 50-1600 rpm, 230V

R 50D: Same as R 50 but with digital speed display, 230V

R 18: Laboratory stirrer, 18 Ncm torque, electronic feed-back speed control 100-2000 rpm, 85Watt output, chuck at 10,5 mm, 230V