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Overhead Smaller Stirrers

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Brand: CAT
Product Code: CAT R16/R14/R2-Series
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Overhead Smaller Stirrers

Overhead Smaller Stirrers

ModelPart No.VolumeSpeedTorque
R 1660213-50 (100-240V)10l50-9004 Ncm
R 1460213-40 230V / 60213-41 115V5l100-20001,4 Ncm
R 260212-005l750 fix 

R 16: Small laborator stirrer, brushless motor, hollow shaft, keyless chuck to hold stirring passles with a shaft diameter of 6 mm, speed range 50-900, 24 Watt motor, 24 V power supply, input 100-240V

R14: Overhead stirrer, 25 Watt, 100-2000 rpm, keyless chuck, hollow shaft, electronical feed-back speed control

R 2: Mini-stirrer up to 2000 ml, fixed speed: 750 rpm, Brushless motor suitable for efficient works in schools and test labs, also for titration works.