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Overhead Super Stirrers

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Brand: CAT
Product Code: CAT R100/R80-Series
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Overhead Super Stirrers

Overhead Stirrers

The R100 series is designed for stirring jobs up to 200 litres (related to water); ideal for medium to high viscous media 1,000 - 50,000 mPas. We also offer units with other speed ranges up to 6000 rpm. For further information please contact us directly. Accessories include: special stand for all R100 overhead stirrers, special clamp, essential for all R100 overhead stirrers.

ModelNo.: 230VNo.: 115VVolumeSpeedTorque
R 100C60218-0060218-01200l40-2000150 Ncm
R 100CL60315-0060315.01200l30-1100250 Ncm
R 100CT60314-0060314-01200l10-500600 Ncm
R 100SD60313-0060313-01200l40-2000100 Ncm
R 80D60310-0060310-01120l20-70080 Ncm
R 80D-PC60311-0060311-01120l20-70080 Ncm

R 100C: Powerful stirring motor 150 Ncm, hollow shaft and 10.5 mm chuck for lab and pilot plant use, Digital display of torque and speed, speed range: 40-2000 rpm, 300W, analogue interface to monitor respectively control torque and speed, as well as an RS232-interface

R 100CL: same as R 100C but speed range 30-1100 rpm at 250 Ncm torque

R 100CT: same as R 100C but speed range 10-500 rpm at 600 Ncm torque

R 100SD: Powerful overhead stirrer, continuous torque output maximum 100 Ncm, 4 digit display, 180 Watt power output, speed range: 40-2000 rpm, 10.5 mm chuck for volumes up to 200 Liter (H2O)

R 80D: High torque stirrer (80 Ncm) for lab use, Capacity up to 120 litres related to water, 20-700 rpm

R 80D-PC: same as R80 but with RS232 interface