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GFL offer the widest range of static and shaking water baths, reciprocal and orbital shakers, hybridisation and shaking incubators.

The engineering, build quality quality, and user friendly features are what you would expect from one of Europe's leading laboratory product manufacturing companies.

Featuring electronic controls and digital displays for accuracy and reproducibility, the incubators and hybridisation incubators have forced air circulation and high precision temperature control for exact hybridisation of DNA samples.

Most incubators can be operated at or below ambient temperature by using a refrigerated circulator attached to the built in cooling coil, as well as up to 70°C.

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Shaking Water Baths Quote Only
Shaking Water Baths are particularly used whenever exactly reproducible temperatures are required for shaking tasks. Their scope of applications comprises incubations, fermentations, homogenisations, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies.Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation. Excellent temperature constancy: ± 0.1 °C temporal. Optimum temperature distribution throughout the whole bath interior. Di
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Incubators Quote Only
IncubatorsAll GFL Incubator units bear the CE mark and are maintenance free. A stable, durable mechanism ensures particularly quiet operation and reliable continuous operation:Shaking Incubators: Offered in three power ratings Hybridization Incubator: A special device with rotational movements, used for different purposes. Mini Incubator: Ideally suited for incubations that require exactly reproducible temperatures. Mini Tube Rol
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Water Baths Quote Only
Water BathsGFL offers 5 different kinds of Water Baths, all offering reliable, robust and universally applicable every-day laboratory service for exact tempering:Incubation/Inactivation Baths Water Baths for evaporation Water Baths for fume hoods Multiple Water Baths Tissue Float Baths
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