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Freestanding / Built In
Brand: Miele Professional
Product Code: AAPG8582
Featured Property: Freestanding / Built In
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Designed for the safe disinfection and cleaning of instruments and related articles (such as Theatre Shoes) used by doctors, surgeons and vets.

  • Recommended by leading instrument manufacturers like Aesculap and Geuder.
  • The PG 8582 has been specially designed for hospitals and surgeries.

Performance specifications

Capacity/cycle e.g. 6 DIN mesh trays, 48 GYN specula, 14 pairs of Theatre Shoes


Undercounter/freestanding unit with lid

External finish

Stainless-steel casing (AE)


Touch on steel/indicators: Programme name, Actual/target temperature, countdown time, error messages, TouchControl, controls with 3-line display


Vario TD Instr 4Tray, Vario TD Instr 6Tray, Vario TD MIS, Vario TD AN, Vario TD GYN, Ophthalmology, Vario TD ENT, Vario TD ENT Optics, Baby bottles, Ward utensils, Theatre shoes, Universal, Special 93°C-10', Rinse, 2 vacant programme slots

Process documentation

Process documentation via software (using Ethernet module) or USB/printer (with RS 232 module)

Standard features

  • 4-fold filter system with large surface filter, coarse filter, glass breakage filter and micro-fine filter
  • double-skinned design, insulated door for excellent soundproofing
  • flowmeter to monitor water intake quantities
  • AutoClose - automatic door lock, acoustic signal to indicated end of programme
  • 2 redundant temperature sensors
  • extensive safety features
  • port to facilitate introduction of sensors for process validation

Cleaning technology

  • Hygienic freshwater system with fresh water intake in each programme stage
  • variable-speed brushless pump for optimum spray pressure in various programme phases
  • rear basket docking for shorter water circuit and higher spray pressure
  • newly developed spray arms with modified nozzle shape and arrangement for improved water access
  • injector system for the thorough cleaning of lumens

Wash cabinet

Chamber made from high-grade stainless steel welded using laser technology to give a perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish offering no opportunity for soil to accumulate.

Circulation pumps

Powerful circulation pump, max. throughput 500 l/min

Dispensing systems

  • 1 door dispenser for surfactant
  • 1 dispenser pump for liquid detergent
  • 1 dispenser pump for neutralisation agent
  • 1 connections for DOS K 85 or DOS K 85/1 liquid dispensers

Water softener

Water softener for cold and hot water, max. 65°C

Steam condenser

Highly efficient aerosol steam condenser


  • 1x cold water (CW)
  • 1x cold water for steam condenser
  • 1x de-mineralised water (AD)
  • 1x hot water (HW)
  • WaterProof System (WPS)


1 drain hose

Electrical connection

  • 3 N AC 400V 50Hz
  • Heating [kW]: 8.5
  • Circulation pump [kW]: 0.8
  • Total rated load [kW]: 9.3
  • Fuse rating [A]: 3 x 16
  • convertible to:
  • AC 230V 50 Hz
  • Heating [kW]: 2.5
  • Circulation pump [kW]: 0.8
  • Total rated load [kW]: 3.3
  • Fuse rating [A]: 16

Optional accessories

  • Demineralisation cartridges for rinse cycles with fully demineralised water
  • Liquid dispenser modules
  • Side units for storing demineralisation cartridges and dispensing equipment
  • Plinths to facilitate machine loading
  • Communication modules for connection to process documentation systems (Ethernet, RS232)

Dimensions / weight

  • External dimensions H/W/D [mm]: 835 (820)/600/600
  • Net weight [kg]: 74

Compliance with standards

DIN EN ISO 15883-1/2/6, EN 61010-2-40, EN 61326 -1

Test marks

VDE, VDE-EMC, IP 21, MDD CE 0366