Industrial Parts

For use in general industrial aqueous cleaning applications.

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IR6002 Industrial Components
IR6002Cleaning machine for industrial applications, e.g electronic components such as circuit boards and solder frames, metal, glass, optics and plasticsConstructionFreestanding: 90 cm wide External finish: Stainless steel (AE)ControlsPROFITRONIC controls with 6 standard cleaning programmes, customer specific programmes can be programmed in during commissioning, 7 service programme, 51 free programme slots Freely p
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PG8527 Large Chamber
The PG 8527 washer-disinfector allows large quantities of instruments or glassware to be processed. It has PerfectTouch Controls which are simple to use and easy to clean. The machine can wash 15 DIN mesh trays, 7 AN sets or 3 MIC sets per cycle. The PG8527 is a front loading machine with a lift up door.ConstructionFreestanding appliance, building-in width 1150 mm Single lift-up door Spaceframe construction/Frame in 1.4016 grade st
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G7823 Industrial Components
Performance features8 DIN mesh trays, 3 AN sets, 2 MIS sets, 4-5 cataract setsConstructionFreestanding appliance, building-in width 900 mmSingle drop down doorSpaceframe construction/Frame in 1.4301 grade stainless steelExternal casing in 1.4301 grade stainless steel, grain brushed to 220 gradeDouble insulated for optimum heat and noise absorptionControlsFreely programmable Profitronic controls64 programme
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G7825 Multi Application
Brief descriptionHigh performance machines with a width of only 900 mm. The optimum solution for central and decentralised instrument preparation in hospitals and for laboratory glassware preparationPerformance features10 DIN mesh trays, 4 AN sets, 2-3 MIS sets, 4-5 cataract sets 108 narrow necked flasks, 104 pipettesConstructionFreestanding appliance, building-in width 900 mm Single drop down door Spacefr
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