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PG8536 Freely Programmable
High-performance washer-disinfector with integrated hot-air drying unit and drawer for four supply containers. For reprocessing laboratory glassware used in analytical experiments in industry, environmental and research laboratories, biology and pharmaceuticals and for instrument reprocessing in hospitals and outpatient surgeries. This machine features freely programmable Profitronic+ controls allowing the compilation of user-specific programmes.
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G7823 Industrial Components
Performance features8 DIN mesh trays, 3 AN sets, 2 MIS sets, 4-5 cataract setsConstructionFreestanding appliance, building-in width 900 mmSingle drop down doorSpaceframe construction/Frame in 1.4301 grade stainless steelExternal casing in 1.4301 grade stainless steel, grain brushed to 220 gradeDouble insulated for optimum heat and noise absorptionControlsFreely programmable Profitronic controls64 programme
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G7824 Normally Available
The professional solution to meet the needs of small to medium sized hospitalsThe G7824 has been specially designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized hospitals, as well as for outpatient operating centres. The machine has a width of only 900mm making it the perfect solution for daily instrument preparation in situations where space is limited. The machine is suitable for decentralised instrument processing in specail departments and
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G7825 Multi Application
Brief descriptionHigh performance machines with a width of only 900 mm. The optimum solution for central and decentralised instrument preparation in hospitals and for laboratory glassware preparationPerformance features10 DIN mesh trays, 4 AN sets, 2-3 MIS sets, 4-5 cataract sets 108 narrow necked flasks, 104 pipettesConstructionFreestanding appliance, building-in width 900 mm Single drop down door Spacefr
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G7826 Through Feed Barrier Machine
Product DescriptionThe G7826 is a medium-sized washer-disinfector for central sterilisation units. The G7826 can wash up to 10 DIN mesh trays per cycle and has a width of just 900mm. The G7826 is a through-feed barrier machine with drop down doors for separation of clean/unclean sides.Product Key Features17 standard cleaning and disinfection programmes 8 service programmes 39 vacant programme slots Hygienic fresh water rins
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Leasing Finance Lease
SiC offers a range of leasing options, starting with finance leases for Miele Professional glassware washers and washer disinfectors, and for our range of Autoclaves.
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