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Specialist products and additives from the neodisher range.

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Neoblank stainless steel cleaner -8% Spray
neoblank stainless steel cleaner 750 mL spray with sprayhead surcharge for delivery to a domestic address
£8.95 £8.19
neodisher Defoam Anti-Foaming Agent
Anti-Foaming AgentBased on emulsified silicone oils. Use as an additive to suppress or prevent foam in special washing machines in medical laboratories (blood investigation, serology), the foodstuffs industry, the cosmetics industry, and industrial laboratories as well as in special washing machines for operating tables. neodisher Entschäumer S prevents the development of foam during the removal of foam generating residues such as surf
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neodisher LM3 25% Discount
Overview This alkaline cleaning agent, with its highly-active low-foam-wetting agent, has an excellent cleaning effect on all types of residues. neodisher LM 3 can be used to remove organic residues, e.g. blood, protein and food residues as well as inorganic residues, even those with radioactive components. Because of its low-foaming characteristic neodisher LM 3 can be used for manual precleaning of laboratory glassware which can th