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neodisher Defoam

Anti-Foaming Agent
Brand: neodisher
Product Code: ICNLANT
Featured Property: Anti-Foaming Agent
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neodisher Defoam

Anti-Foaming Agent

  • Based on emulsified silicone oils.
  • Use as an additive to suppress or prevent foam in special washing machines in medical laboratories (blood investigation, serology), the foodstuffs industry, the cosmetics industry, and industrial laboratories as well as in special washing machines for operating tables.
  • neodisher Entschäumer S prevents the development of foam during the removal of foam generating residues such as surfactants, proteins, or soaps.
  • neodisher Entschäumer S can be used as a component with all neodisher cleaning agents for the preliminary or main cleaning, and it is effective even at low temperatures.