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PG8504 Education

Glassware Washer
Brand: Miele Professional
Product Code: AA7804EP
Featured Property: Glassware Washer
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PG8504 Education

Designed to excel in professional laboratories and educational establishments:

  • The PG8504 commercial glassware washer integrates a number of features to guarantee you optimum results on every wash.
  • Setting a new standard in clean, this glassware washer boasts an improved capacity, allowing you to clean large numbers of utensils and equipment quickly.
  • Suitable as a freestanding or under counter unit, the stainless steel PG8504 has been specially constructed to reduce heat and noise emissions.
  • The interior has been welded together using lasers, meaning that there are no cracks or crevices for dirt to build up in.
  • As well as outstanding results, the PG8504 has also been designed with convenience in mind, utilising our patented door salt container, which is incredibly simple to load.
  • The door also integrates a TouchControl display, allowing for a quick and simple selection of 6 different programs, and is built in to the handle for ease.

Performance specifications

Capacity per cycle: e.g. reprocessing of narrow-lumened laboratory glassware via up to 64 injectors at the same time as reprocessing further laboratory glassware in upper and lower baskets


Undercounter/freestanding unit with lid

External finish

Stainless-steel casing (AE)


TouchControl with 3 row display showing program name, actual/target temperature and remaining program time


Short, Medium, Long, De-min. rinse, Rinse, 1 vacant programme slot

Standard features

  • 4-fold filter system with large surface filter, coarse filter, glass breakage filter and micro-fine filter
  • double-skinned design
  • insulated door for excellent soundproofing
  • flowmeter to monitor water intake quantities
  • pull-open door, acoustic signal to indicated end of programme
  • 2 redundant temperature sensors
  • extensive safety features
  • port to facilitate introduction of sensors for process validation

Cleaning technology

  • Hygienic freshwater system with fresh water intake in each programme stage
  • variable-speed brushless pump for optimum spray pressure in various programme phases
  • rear basket docking for shorter water circuit and higher spray pressure
  • newly developed spray arms with modified nozzle shape and arrangement for improved water access
  • injector system for the thorough cleaning of lumens

Wash cabinet

Chamber made from high-grade stainless steel welded using laser technology to give a perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish offering no opportunity for soil to accumulate.

Circulation pumps

Powerful circulation pump, max. throughput 500 l/min

Dispensing systems

  • 1 door dispenser for powder detergent
  • 1 door dispenser for surfactant/neutralising agent
  • 1 connection for DOS G 80 or DOS G 80/1 liquid dispensers

Water softener

Water softener for cold and hot water, max. 65°C

Dispensing systems

  • 1x cold water (CW)
  • 1x feed pump for unpressurised demineralised water (ADP)
  • WaterProof System (WPS)


1 drain hose

Electrical connection

  • Voltage (standard version) [V/HZ]: AC 230 V/50
  • Connected load [kW]: 3.2
  • Fuse rating [A]: 1x 15-16

Optional accessories

  • Demineralisation cartridges for rinse cycles with fully demineralised water
  • Liquid dispenser modules (DOS G80/DOS G80/1)
  • Housing units for storing demineralisation cartridges (PG8595) or dispensing equipment (PG8596)

Dimensions / weight

  • External dimensions H/W/D [mm]: 835 (820)/600/600
  • Net weight [kg]: 72