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Industrial Components
Brand: Miele Professional
Product Code: G7823
Featured Property: Industrial Components
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Performance features

8 DIN mesh trays, 3 AN sets, 2 MIS sets, 4-5 cataract sets


Freestanding appliance, building-in width 900 mm
Single drop down door
Spaceframe construction/Frame in 1.4301 grade stainless steel
External casing in 1.4301 grade stainless steel, grain brushed to 220 grade
Double insulated for optimum heat and noise absorption


Freely programmable Profitronic controls
64 programme places
13 standard programmes, 8 service programmes, 43 free programme places


Special 93/10, Special 93/10 AN, Vario TD, Vario TD AN, Vario TD Nr, Shoe TD 75/2, Container, Chem-Des, Chem-Des-Comb, Chem-Des-Intense, Oxivario, Oxivario Plus, Orthovario

Process documentation/Interfaces

1 RS 232 interface wtih 9 pole SUB-D plug

Remote service

Remote service compatible


3-fold filter system with wash cabinet filter, coarse filter and
micro-fine filter
Flow meter counter for control of water intake
Electrical door lock
Peak-load cut-out
Sensors for automatic mobile unit recognition
Programme failure check
2 spare sensors for temperature monitoring and control
Comprehensive safety features in accordance with EN ISO 15883
Sensor port
Emergency release on unclean side

Cleaning technology

Hygienic freshwater system with water change after each cleaning phase
Cleaning, disinfection and drying in a closed system
Thorough surface cleaning of intruments via 2 spray arms
Injector system for thorough cleanig of hollow instruments

Wash cabinet

Useable dimensions [mm]: H 510, W 530, D 660
Useable volume [l]: 168
Stainless steel: 1.4301
Cabinet wall thickness [mm]: 1

Circulation pumps

2 high performance circulation pumps, Qmax. 400/500 l/min

Dispensing systems

2 integrated pumps for cleaning and neutralising agent
Optional: 2 additional dispenser pumps
Capacity for 3 x 5 litre containers


Optional: Drying unit/side channel condenser, temperature adjustable from 60-115°C and time from 1-240 minutes
Electric heated, voltage 3N AC 400V 50 Hz, heater rating [kW]: 3.6, fan rating [kW]: 0.9, total connected load [kW]: 4.5
Pre-filter class EU4, filtration rate >95%, filter life [h]: 200, particle filter class H13, filtration rate >99.992% (DIN EN 1822), filter life [h]: 500
Air throughput [m3]: 125

Steam condenser

Optional: heat-exchange steam condenser, connection to cold water or to on-site cold water circuit, water pressure to max. 8 bar, exhaust air temperature reduction to approx. 30-35°C, relative humidity reduction to approx. 60-70%

Plumbing connections

1 x cold water 2-10 bar, 1 x hot water 2-10 bar, 1 x DI water 2-10 bar, 3 inlet hoses 1/2" with 3/4" threaded union, inlet hoses 170 cm long
2 drain pumps DN 22, on-site odour trap, drain hose 125 cm long

Connection data

Heating: Electric
3N AC 400V 50Hz, Heating [kW]: 9, total connected load with TA EL or without TA [kW]: 10.2, fuse rating [A]: 3 x 16


H (incl. plinth/drip tray and MAV) 1928, W 900, D 750 mm
Net weight approx. 264 kg (depending on version)

Test certificates

VDE, EMV, DVGW, MPG CE 0366, IP 20


Plinth on rollers SBWR/3
Plinth SBW/4
Lid DE
MAV23/24 cladding
Mieltransfer MF/3