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Integrated Hot Air Dryer
Brand: Miele Professional
Product Code: PG8593
Featured Property: Integrated Hot Air Dryer
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Setting a new standard in cleaning performance, the PG 8593 washer disinfector combines greater capacity, greater purity, and greater flexibility to make it the perfect choice for any professional laboratory.

To ensure optimal cleaning results, a new spray arm design has been implemented, ensuring complete reprocessing reliability. Different nozzle forms make sure that all areas of the chamber are covered, while forcefully removing persistent soil or built up dirt.
Intuitive nozzle arrangements on the spray arms also eliminate water reflections in spray curtains, while the clever arm design helps to deliver a lower water consumption per cycle, without a decreased cleaning performance.

The PG 8593 washer disinfector integrates the DryPlus function. Using hot-air drying, DryPlus is an ideal solution for drying intricate and narrow-lumened laboratory glassware and equipment, and an Class H13 HEPA filter ensures that particles in the air are removed during the process.

As well as delivery an outstanding performance, this commercial washer disinfector also offers an exceptionally high standard of safety, through constant internal checks. Advanced sensors are able to check for blockages caused by protruding items, loss of spray pressure, and deviations from the selected conductivity level in the final rinse, allowing you to rest easy knowing your items are cleaned thoroughly. Making cycles even easier, the PG 8593 integrates an updated control panel that combines an intuitive user interface with the appliance handle. Featuring fast access to routine tasks, assignable direct-access buttons, all with a crisp 3 line text display, setting a cleaning cycle is quick and smooth.

The interior chamber has been completely redesigned, with space for up to 128 laboratory flasks, helping to make it even more economical. The chamber is also welded together using lasers, ensuring there are no cracks or crevices where any dirt can build up.

Product Key Features

  • Setting a new standard in cleaning results, the PG 8593 washer disinfector boasts outstanding results and innovative features, making it perfect for any professional laboratory.
  • Capacity per cycle: e.g. 128 laboratory flasks or 98 pipettes together with other laboratory glassware
  • Width 60 cm
  • 3-phase supply
  • Integrated DryPlus hot-air drying
  • Integrated dispenser pump for liquid detergent
  • Including external dispenser module for liquid detergents

Performance specifications

  • Capacity per cycle: e.g. reprocessing of narrow lumened laboratory glassware via up to 64 injectors at the same time reprocessing laboratory glassware in upper and lower basket
  • Integrated DryPlus hot air drying (PG8593 only)


  • Undercounter/freestanding unit with lid
  • External finish: Stainless-steel casing (AE)
  • Controls: TouchControl with 3 row display showing program name, actual/target temperature and remaining program time


Universal, Standard, Intensive, Anorganica, Organica, Injector Plus, Pipettes, Plastics, Mini, Oils, Special 93°C-10', De-min. rinse, Rinse, Drying, 2 vacant programme slots

Process documentation

Process documentation via software (using Ethernet module) or USB/printer (with RS 232 module)

Standard features

  • 4-fold filter system with large surface filter, coarse filter, glass breakage filter and micro-fine filter
  • double-skinned design, insulated door for excellent soundproofing
  • flowmeter to monitor water intake quantities
  • AutoClose - automatic door lock, acoustic signal to indicated end of programme
  • 2 redundant temperature sensors
  • extensive safety features
  • port to facilitate introduction of sensors for process validation

Cleaning technology

  • Hygienic freshwater system with fresh water intake in each programme stage
  • variable-speed brushless pump for optimum spray pressure in various programme phases
  • rear basket docking for shorter water circuit and higher spray pressure
  • newly developed spray arms with modified nozzle shape and arrangement for improved water access
  • injector system for the thorough cleaning of lumens

Wash cabinet

Chamber made from high-grade stainless steel welded using laser technology to give a perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish offering no opportunity for soil to accumulate.

Circulation pumps

Powerful circulation pump, max. throughput 500 l/min

Dispensing systems

  • 1 dispenser pump for liquid detergent
  • 2 connections for DOS K 85 or DOS K 85/1 liquid dispensers

Water softener

Water softener for cold and hot water, max. 65°C

Steam condenser

Highly efficient aerosol steam condenser


  • 1x cold water (CW)
  • 1x cold water for steam condenser
  • 1x de-mineralised water (AD)
  • 1x hot water (HW)
  • WaterProof System (WPS)


1 drain hose

Electrical connection

  • Voltage (standard) [V/Hz]: 3N AC 400/50
  • Connected load [kW]: 9.3
  • Fuse rating [A]: 3x 15/16
  • Convertible to:
  • Voltage (convertible) [V/Hz]: AC 230 V/50
  • Connected load [kW]: 6.3
  • Fuse rating [A]: 1x 30-32

Optional accessories

  • Demineralisation cartridges for rinse cycles with fully demineralized water
  • Liquid dispenser modules (DOS K85 or DOS K85/1)
  • Housing units for storing demineralization cartridges (PG8595) or dispensing equipment (PG8596)
  • Plinths to facilitate machine loading
  • Communication modules for connection to process documentation systems (Ethernet, RS232)

Dimensions / weight

  • External dimensions H/W/D [mm]: 835 (820)/600/600
  • Net weight [kg]: 78

Test marks

  • UL Std. No. 61010-1 (2nd Edition)
  • IEC 61010-2-040:2006
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-04
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-2-040
  • VDE, VDE-EMC, IP 21, CE