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Industrial Components
Brand: Miele Professional
Product Code: AA6002
Featured Property: Industrial Components
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Cleaning machine for industrial applications, e.g electronic components such as circuit boards and solder frames, metal, glass, optics and plastics


  • Freestanding: 90 cm wide
  • External finish: Stainless steel (AE)


  • PROFITRONIC controls with 6 standard cleaning programmes, customer specific programmes can be programmed in during commissioning, 7 service programme, 51 free programme slots
  • Freely programmable PROFITRONIC controls with a wide range of programming options including customer specific programmes. 4 line clear text display with user navigation

Process documentation

  • Serial interface (RS232) for process documentation

Remote service

  • Remote service compatible

Standard features

  • 4-fold filter system with flat filter, coarse filter, glass shard filter and micro-fine filter
  • Double skinned construction with insulation for low noise emissions
  • Flowmeter counter for control of water intake
  • Electric door lock
  • Programme failure check
  • Visual and audible signal at programme end
  • 2 spare sensors for temperature monitoring and control
  • Sensor port for easy positioning of probes in wash cabinent for validation

Cleaning technology

  • Thorough cleaning via 2 spray arms (3rd spray arm in the upper basket)
  • Optimally allocated spray nozzles and selectable spray arm rotation for the best possible cleaning result
  • Injector system for thorough cleaning of hollow instruments
  • Freshwater cleaning system and reycling of process water can be combined

Wash cabinet

  • Wash cabinet made from high quality stainless steel

Circulation pumps

  • High performance circulation pump Qmax. 600l/min

Dispensing systems

  • 2 integrated dispenser pumps for neutralising / cleaning agent
  • Dispenser pump DOS 2 for liquid media (e.g. rinsing or neutralising agent)
  • Dispenser pump DOS 4 for liquid media (e.g. disinfecting agent)

Water softener

  • Large capacity water softener

Steam condenser

  • Efficient aerosal steam condenser


  • Integrated hot air drying unit
  • Fan: 0.3 kW, heater bank: 2.3 kW, total connected load: 2.6 kW, air throughput: 55 m3 /h, temperature adjustable in 1°C increments: 60-115°C ,time adjustable in 1 minute increments: 1-240 minutes, preliminary filter EU4, filtration rate >95%, filter life 100h, particle filter/Hepa filter H13, filtration rate >99.992% (DIN EN 1822), filter life: 500h


  • 1 x cold water (CW)
  • 1 x AD water (AD)
  • 1 x Hot water (AW)

Waterproofsystem (WPS)

  • Water recycling system: 1 x connection for suds/water return feed, 1 x pump for water return feed


  • 2 drain hoses

Electrical connection

  • 3N AC 400V 50Hz
  • Fuse rating [A]: 3 x 16
  • Total connected load [kW]: 10.2
  • Heater rating [kW]: 9.0


  • Reverse osmosis system for final rinse with demineralised water
  • VE cartridges for final rinse with demineralised water

Dimensions / weight

  • External dimensions H/W/D [mm]: 1175/900/700
  • Net weight [kg]: 192

Test marks

  • VDE
  • VGW
  • IP X 1